The mission of SCC Railroad Club is to educate, inform, and increase safety awareness in the rail transportation industry.


SCC Railroad Club, founded in Fall 2012 by Sandy Thomas, is a sanctioned, chartered club and a member of SCC’s Clubs and Events Board (CAEB). It abides by SCC’s Student Leadership and Development Club Handbook.

Railroad Club officers are: president Sandy Thomas, treasurer Karen Rivera, and secretary David Whiteside. The campus club advisor is Paul Brooks.

Founding Members

Sandy Thomas             President
Karen Rivera                Treasurer
David Whiteside           Secretary
Paul Brooks                 Advisor
Norman Lucas              Honorary Advisor

Robert Brice
Jerome Collins
Garret Davis
Jake Flanders
Zach Foster
Matthew Funai
Robin Gardner
Sid Glasser
Steve Hanson
Max A. Hendin
Kevin Hensley
Carla Hill
Samantha Hill
Myles Holt
Chris Navarrete
Andrew Papagiannis
Ian Petersen
David Petrenko
Paul Salas
Randel L. Smith Sr.
Robert Telles
Katy Tiernan-Lang

The SCC Certificate of Achievement and Associate Degree program in Railroad Operations is one of two accredited programs in the United States. Founded in 1998 by Phil Cypret, currently Advanced Transportation Department chair, the program is intended for those interested in careers as railroad brakemen, switchmen, assistant conductors and/or conductors.